Innovative Development

Beijing Engineering Lab of Neo-Biodegradable Materials

In 2012, Beijing IMEIK Bio-tech Co., Ltd.-Beijing Engineering Lab of Neo-Biodegradable Materials is established under the approval of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission. Construction cycle for 3 years, the total project cost is 25 million. For the application of neo-biodegradable materials, there will be 4 technology platforms established, which aims at strengthening the key technology and service awareness, highlighting brand building, especially for the combination of industry, education, research and application, and finally establishing a research institute with core technology at domestic advanced and international level. Relying on technology and platform advantage, our ultimate goal is to establish such a research and development center which could be recognized by the world, provide platform support for domestic research institute of biodegradable materials and form a platform construction system for new materials and technologies so that it can provide technical support for new materials’ research and development and continuous innovation.

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