The product name Bonita
Product registration number 国食药监械(准)字2012第3461290号
Indications BONITA® is indicated for injection into the deep dermis to the subcutaneous shallow for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles of forehead and nasolabial area.
Product specification 0.5ml、1.0ml、1.5ml、2.0ml
Product features 1. Long-lasting: BONITA® can be used for filling and maintaining the skin elasticity. Besides, its powerful ability of hydro-captor makes skin smooth and plump. The active ingredients in BONITA® can prompt the release of collagen which plays an important role in the filling of wrinkles and facial depression.
2. Safe: As pure plant extracts, hyaluronic acid in BONITA® is a component of human dermal tissue. Accordingly, it is recognized as the best moisturizer.
3. Natural: After the injection of BONITA®, its active ingredients make the wrinkle skin plump. Moreover, it can also prompt the release of collagen which makes the skin more youthful and natural.

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